One Chance

Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we destroy ourselves and sacrifice our own happiness and hearts, the hearts of others, because we’re afraid that if we’re honest about who we are and we do what makes us happy it will disappoint somebody else?

We aren’t put in this world to live for our parents or the people in our church or whoever else it is we’re afraid we might disappoint by living honestly and living true to ourselves.

We get one life, once chance to love truly and deeply, one chance to live in such a way that we come out at the end of it happy with what lies in the past rather than dreaming of what might have been and regretting not fighting for it. Why do we waste that chance lying to ourselves and to our friends and our family. Why do we waste that chance and make ourselves miserable trying to please them?

If people can’t take us and accept and love us as we are, then they don’t deserve to have us destroying ourselves to make them happy and yes, that especially includes our parents who are supposed to love us unconditionally. If they can’t do that, then they don’t deserve our sacrifices. They deserve to be cast out the way they cast us out until they can learn that there is no room for their ignorance in our lives, no room for their failure as parents.

And yes, casting your child out, not accepting them as they are and expecting them to sacrifice who they are because they’re LGBTQA+ does make you a failure as a parent. Making your child feel like they have to hide because you spew ignorant and hateful things about others at the dinner table or while watching TV makes you a failure as a parent. That kind of failure is inexcusable and unforgivable until you make the effort to correct it by putting your ignorance and hatred aside and learning and accepting that the same book you use as an excuse to be a shitty human being and a shitty parent, demands that you not judge others and demands that you love others, especially those who are different from you. You’re supposed to live like Jesus would, the man who spent his time in the company of liars, thieves, and other sinners; the man who loved and accepted them despite who they were… and you can’t even love and accept your own child because they’re LGBTQA+. Your beliefs and your views are grossly flawed. And you can insist that I’m going to hell if you want, insist that your child will go to hell. I’ve got some news for you, I WILL see you there, because you’re far more likely to be cast down when judgment day comes for failing to love and accept as your beloved book demands, than I am for loving a woman instead of a man.

And maybe that’s harsh, maybe I’m an asshole for saying it. But it’s the cold hard truth and it needs to be out there, people need to hear it and accept it… before anymore lives and hearts are sacrificed trying to make ignorant, bigoted assholes happy when they don’t deserve that sacrifice. And before anymore LGBTQA+ kids take their own lives because of it. Because yes, the cold hard truth is also that those of us who fall under that umbrella aren’t hurting anyone by being ourselves… but those of you who fail to love and accept us because we fall under that umbrella… your hatred is a choice, your hatred is hurting people, your hatred is costing lives. And it needs to stop.


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