Love Doesn’t Win

“Love wins.”

It’s been an anthem of sorts for this community ever since the Supreme Court ruled that it’s unconstitutional to deny two men or two women the right to marry each other.

“Love wins.”

I’ve seen it in hashtags, written on pictures, paraded around on signs like it’s an undeniable truth.

“Love wins.”

No it doesn’t. It doesn’t, because a court saying we have right to marry the person we love doesn’t mean somebody else isn’t going steal that away from us. It doesn’t, because there is still so much hate and ignorance and bigotry in the world and all of that has proven stronger. It doesn’t, because I tried so hard to fight that hate, that ignorance and bigotry only to have it shatter my world anyway, only to have it begin to slowly kill me. It doesn’t, because I gave all the love I had to give… gave every part of myself and hate, ignorance, and bigotry that force people to feel like they have to hide still won.

Love doesn’t win. I’ve seen the proof, been a victim of the truth. Love doesn’t win.


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